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Langhe Fine Wines

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The region of Langhe in northern Italy is known for three things, its cheese, its truffles but probably above all else, for its fine, high quality wines. There are various wines produced in the Langhe region, one of which is the Barolo. Although the Barolo for instance, may not be able to be found in a local wine retailer’s, you can now buy barolo online along with other high quality Langhe wines.

Although there may be several online wine dealers that can sell Langhe wines, only the Shop Langhe website will get the wines directly from the wine producers in order to ensure that you get the authentic wine you are expecting. Although you know when ordering via Shop Langhe you are getting the authentic wines, each bottle will still come with DOC, DOCG or IGT markings on its label confirming the wine’s authenticity.

These markings may seem trivial to the regular person but are in fact an important certification of quality and authenticity as the system was introduced by the Italian government in the middle of the 1900s and still stands today. The system was introduced to both recognize and to identify some of Italy’s most high quality wines. Although that was almost 100 years ago, the wines more recently, in 2014, also received acknowledgement for being high quality wines when they Langhe region was granted UNESCO World Heritage status due to its contributions to the wine making industry.

Why online wine dealers are appearing more and more, especially the specialized wine dealers like Shop Langhe is because, due to the large increase in wine, brand names, retailers often do not have space for all the different wines and unintentionally or for financial reasons, no longer stock all of the world’s better wines, like those from the Langhe region of Italy. When this is the case, wine Connoisseurs and others who just like high quality wines, have to look elsewhere for their favourite wines and so why not look on the internet.

When online wine dealers like Shop Langhe do sell wine, they will also provide shipping but in most instances, at a cost to the customer. The cost of the shipping will of course vary depending on the amount of wine which has been ordered plus the location where the wine has to be shipped to. The prices are though very reasonable and in the case of the Shop Langhe, orders, regardless of where they were made from, will be met within one week of shipping.

The increasing number of wine brands makes deciding which wine to buy increasingly more difficult but, as the better, higher quality wines like those from the Langhe region are hard to duplicate. When they are what you like, there are no other choices and so you either leave the retail store empty handed and make your own online order or, convince the retailer that they should use the website and thereby have a more diverse stock from which customers can choose their personal preference in wine.