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As the number of coffee drinkers increases, it seems like the number of different types of coffee they can drink also increases. Fortunately for many people that need a cup of coffee in order to start their day right, there are many coffee shops like Starbucks around to provide them with what they need but, if you are one of the unfortunate ones that does not have a coffee shop between your home and your work, you will probably want to get your own coffee maker.

Today there are many different coffee machines available for use in the home and many of them can provide you with most of the different types of coffee you may prefer however deciding which one to buy may still give you concern as you will probably want one which is versatile, portable and easy to clean. There are however websites that specialize in coffee maker reviews, like the one by The Inspector and by reading these reviews, you should be able to decide exactly which coffee maker will be best for your particular needs.

Of course, the flavor of the coffee depends more on the type of coffee beans you use rather than the machine which makes it but still you will want to choose your coffee maker wisely, ensuring it can make the type of coffee you prefer and will not take a lot of cleaning up to just produce one cup as and when you need it. You will also want to ensure that the machine can make your cup of coffee in just a short time as you may sometimes be in a rush to get to work. The people that review these coffee machines take all of those factors, plus the prices into consideration before making their recommendations. This means that the machines recommended by these sites, although they may not be perfect for you, will be perfect for most people, or at least one of the recommended types will.

As mentioned the coffee beans are the most important factor when determining the taste of coffee and although there are many different beans available, almost all have their own particular flavor and so you may have to try several before you find the one that suits your taste buds best. The country of origin of the beans makes a difference in the flavour, as does the elevation at which they were grown and some of the most favoured beans, although sometimes expensive, come from countries as diverse as Jamaica and Thailand and although Panama are said to grow some of the best beans, they are exclusively for export to Japan who buy all that the country can buy. There are good, tasty beans more commonly available though and so shop around until you find the one that you like best. Although Columbia is probably the best known country for growing beans, most of their beans are used to make instant coffee and they are not rated among the top 10 best beans.

Carrie Martin